May 25

The Blessings and Challenges of Caring for a Family Member

Every day, more than 10,000 Americans turn 65, and live longer than they have before, according to Sarita Gupta, Next Avenue Contributor. This advance in medicine is such a blessing. Because of this, we can spend more time with our family members, which means more time to make memories, more holidays spent together, and more opportunities to learn and grow from our elders. In contrast, it also presents definitive challenges.


Recent surveys show that 90% of Americans would prefer to receive care at home during the later stages of life.


One of the most vital questions families ask themselves is whether they can take care of the loved one collectively as a family, or if a Home Care Company is necessary to provide the proper services and relief that is needed. A Home Care Company can provide immense relief and lessen the emotional impact of caring for an aging parent or family member. It can become draining when an adult child undertakes the job of caring for their parent.


This can cause an intense emotional impact on the parent-child relationship, since the child’s role is now being changed from the cared for to the caregiver.


This can cause distress in those who have always looked to their parent for comfort and support. Likewise, the parent can feel a sense of loss and independence, which can be especially difficult for those who prefer to do things on their own.

In addition to the emotional impact of caring for an aging parent, there is the concern regarding their general health that should be considered as well. Many people who survive past the age of 65 have chronic or life-limiting medical conditions that require a high level of care.

Bringing on a Home Care company can help the family feel more comfortable about the level of care their parent is receiving. Having a caregiver present at the home is a great way to avoid becoming overwhelmed or stressed.


This way, the family can take time away to focus on other areas of life that may have been put aside while caring for their aging parent.

There is no doubt that caring for an elderly parent can and will bring challenges, but if managed well, it can reap many rewards- one of those being a sense of fulfillment. Whether a family decides to move their parent into a facility or consider Home Care opportunities is entirely up to the family, but we can ensure that our clients receive the kind of care and support that they deserve. Care To Stay Home can provide the stability and quality of care that your loved one needs.